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ABP-IMPORT, a division of ABP Group, distributor of the best MADE IN USA BMX brands since 2008, offers you a wide selection of high-end products. You can also as an individual order directly on our site.


    Like all of our Titanium products, the GDH Ti Crank axle is designed for weight savings which can mean a reduction in strength. It’s perfect for racing, park, flatland, and light street, but if you like to jump down 8 sets and off of rooftops, then you will be better served with our CrMo axle. The Ti GDH crank axle does not carry a warranty Uses GDH Crank...

    206,00 € TTC

    Profile No Boss cranks are exactly the same as Profile Race Cranks, with the sole exception that they lack a boss to bolt a sprocket onto them. They require you to run a Spline Drive Sprocket or Spider. They can be used for left or right hand drive. Crankset includes crank arms, 19mm GDH heat-treated CrMo axle, GDH crank bolts, flush washers, and crank...

    231,00 € TTC
  • ONYX

    ONYX Shell Orange Anodized, Widget Black Anodized Hubset. FRONT: ONYX HELIX 10MM ORANGE Widget Black 36H Onyx Racing Products: the top of the range of BMX Racing hubs.Hybrid ceramic bearings reduce front wheel rolling resistance to the point of disbelief. CNC machined aluminum 7075 body Big shape body Hybrid-Ceramic bearings Drilling: 28, 32 or 36 spokes...

    929,90 € TTC

    CNC machined from 7075 Aluminum in the USA! Requires no sprocket bolt. Instead, it has a hardened CrMo steel insert in that matches up to the 48 splines on the crank axle for pure, direct power transfer. Available for 22mm splined axles only. 1/8″ tooth width for use with most freestyle/street & single speed chains. Supplied with 22mm splined...

    89,00 € TTC

    Chromoly 6-pawl drivers for Profile Elite BMX cassette hubs & Elite MTB 1-spd cassette hubs. 9 tooth drivers are for 1/8 width chains. Drivers include bearings & seals. Pawls, springs not included. Sizes: 9T RHD, 9T LHD Weight: 131g

    95,00 € TTC

    Profile Racing designed Elite Cassette Hubs to be the best racing hubs available. They are also suitable for trails and light park use. 6 pawl system designed for BMX Racing and MTB usage. Also suitable for BMX Trails and light park. 6 pawl driver for 204 points of engagement means instant forward motion at the first application of pedal pressure. 36...

    529,00 € TTC

    Profile Racing designed the Mini Hubset to be the best all around hubs available. They are suitable for trails, racing, street, and park use. Chromoly hollow 3/8″axle for dramatic weight savings Bolt Button Head w/8mm internal hex CrMo one-piece drivers 9T RHD or LHD(36h only) Standard BMX 110mm(rear) & 100mm(front) hub widths Weight: 571g

    402,00 € TTC

    The Profile Racing Imperial sprocket is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum in the USA! The Imperial is a “bolt-on” style and requires only one screw to attach to the crank arm. Only available for 19mm axles. Tooth width 3/32". Supplied with 19mm silver steel insert. The widest variety of sizes and colors of ANY sprocket ever! Weight: 67g/2.34oz (26t)....

    60,00 € TTC

    Chromoly 4-pawl drivers for Profile Mini, Totem, Madera V2 BMX cassette hubs & Classic MTB 1-spd cassette hubs. Drivers include bearings & seals. Pawls, springs, & cogs not included. Drivers are RHD/LHD compatible. For 1/8 width chains Weight: 102g

    77,00 € TTC

    Alloy CNC Machined.TITANIUM PROFILE BOLTS OPTIONTop Load” style to get the handlebars up higher-33mm stack height.Locates bars 23mm (.9 inches) higher than the Unity Front Load Stem. Weight: 36mm: 231g Uses 6mm Allen wrench.

    178,00 € TTC

    2008 marked the 40th anniversary of Profile Racing. To help celebrate this occasion, Profile Racing re-released the re-manufactured original box style cranksets. The cranksets are made on our original 1979 tooling. They are replicas of the originals including decals, grade 8 gold zinc bolts and washers, aluminum spider, American BB with 5-3/4" solid axle...

    583,00 € TTC

    Hand Made in the USA from a machined 7075 Aluminum, the RENNEN chainring is unique thanks to the decimal toothing made from a slight modification of the circumference of the crown. This allows you to change your gear by fraction of teeth according to your needs in relation to the BMX track on which you are going to ride. It is designed to be mounted on a...

    62,90 € TTC
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